2017 Honda RidgelineIf you’re looking for prime amenities onboard your new pickup truck, will the 2016 Chevy Colorado standard features fit the bill? Or will a rival model like the 2017 Honda Ridgeline offer up the exciting features you want?

Take a look at our detailed comparison between these two popular truck models. For our money, the innovative Honda Ridgeline delivers the most excitement-inducing lineup of features the truck segment has ever seen. Take a look and see if you agree!

A Lot More for Your Money

Various features come standard in the Honda Ridgeline that are either not available in the Chevy Colorado or are only offered as optional upgrades for an extra cost.

In the area of performance, the Ridgeline delivers several features the Chevy Colorado does not offer standard, including:

  • Limited-slip differential (only an optional upgrade in the Colorado)
  • Rear locking differential (only an optional upgrade in the Colorado)
  • Towing pre-wiring (only an optional upgrade in the Colorado)
  • Rear stabilizer bar (not available in the Colorado)

In the realm of safety, the Ridgeline features standard Brake Assist, which is designed to recognize hard braking and emergency braking situations and automatically apply extra braking force. The Ridgeline also features standard front active head restraints, which help protect against neck and spine injuries in rear-end collisions. The Colorado doesn’t offer either of these features.

The Ridgeline further features standard voice-activated controls for audio and Bluetooth. In contrast, the Chevy Colorado only offers voice-activated controls for its audio system, and only as an optional upgrade—not as a standard feature. Steering wheel–mounted controls for audio and cruise control also come standard, while the Colorado only features steering wheel–mounted controls for its cruise control system, and only as an optional upgrade.

Speaking of cruise control, it does not come standard onboard the Chevy Colorado—if you want cruise control, you have to pay extra. The Honda Ridgeline, in comparison, offers cruise control as a standard amenity.

Other standard features found onboard the Ridgeline but not the Chevy Colorado include:

  • In-bed trunk (not available in the Colorado)
  • Multi-function remote (optional in the Colorado)
  • Second-row split folding bench seat (not available in the Colorado)
  • MP3 player (not available in the Colorado)
  • Anti-theft stereo (not available in the Colorado)
  • Privacy glass (not available in the Colorado)
  • Trailer hitch (optional in the Colorado)
  • And lots more!

Are You Convinced?

If you, like countless other drivers, can clearly see the advantages of driving the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, isn’t it time you head over to a Capital Region Honda Dealer and try it out for yourself?

Visit or contact one of our affiliated dealerships today to learn more about the mighty Ridgeline and to take it for a test drive!