Honda OdysseyIf you’re shopping for a minivan that is ideal for family travel, you may wonder if the 2016 Kia Sedona standard features include the amenities that are most important to you and yours. Will the Sedona deliver everything you’re looking for—or does a popular rival minivan like the 2016 Honda Odyssey offer more?

We’ve conducted a comparison between these two minivan nameplates to determine which one offers consumers more for their money. We’ve concluded that the Honda Odyssey comes to the road with a more impressive array of standard features. Keep reading to see what we mean!

More for the Money

Among features that come standard on the base-model Honda Odyssey, various amenities are found that are not offered standard in the Kia Sedona’s base model.

For instance, the Odyssey offers standard daytime running lights, which help make the car more noticeable to other motorists during daytime driving. This is a feature the Kia Sedona does not offer.

The Odyssey also features standard auto-up/down front windows that open and close completely with just one touch of the switches—a feature that does not come standard in the Kia Sedona.

A seven-speaker sound system with a subwoofer comes standard in the Odyssey, while the Kia Sedona’s base model sound system only has four speakers, and the Odyssey further offers a standard anti-theft stereo to protect the van’s sound system from theft—another feature the Sedona does not have.

The Odyssey additionally includes standard power front seats, with eight-way power-adjustability for the driver and four-way power-adjustability for the front passenger. Power-adjusting front seats do not come standard in the Sedona.

Active head restraints further come standard in the Honda Odyssey, offering drivers and front passengers added neck and spinal protection in rear-end collisions. This is another feature that does not come standard in the Kia Sedona.

Pandora compatibility is also offered standard in the Odyssey, delivering expanded entertainment options via a compatible smartphone. Pandora compatibility is not offered in the Sedona.

Experience the Odyssey for Yourself

We think it’s clear that the Odyssey easily beats what you’ll find among the 2016 Kia Sedona standard features, but the best way to see all of its winning attributes is in person. Drivers can get an up-close look at the impressive 2016 Honda Odyssey at any Capital Region Honda Dealers location.

Visit any of our associated dealerships or contact us today to learn more about the Odyssey and its various features and options, then slide behind the wheel for a test drive of this outstanding minivan. We know you’ll be impressed!