Honda RidgelineAre you in the market for a pickup truck? In your search for a truck that is fully loaded with prime amenities, you may wonder what you’ll find onboard some of the more popular models in the marketplace. Will the 2016 Toyota Tacoma standard features, for instance, deliver what you’re looking for, or will a competing pickup like the 2017 Honda Ridgeline give you much more for the money?

We’ve conducted a comparison between the Ridgeline and the Tacoma and the standard features offered onboard each of these popular pickup models. Take a look—and then stop in and see us to test drive the winner!

Winning Combination

When examining the Honda Ridgeline and the Toyota Tacoma side by side, drivers will find that the Ridgeline delivers a variety of standard features that do not come standard onboard the Tacoma—the Tacoma either does not offer them at all or only provides them as optional upgrades for an added cost.

Among these, the Ridgeline provides a standard, industry-exclusive, lockable in-bed trunk, which isn’t available onboard the Tacoma or any other currently available truck. The Ridgeline also features the world’s very first dual-action tailgate, which is not available for the Tacoma or any other truck; a rear stabilizer bar, which is not available on the Tacoma; towing pre-wiring and towing stabilizers, which the Tacoma does not have; a cargo box light, which is also not available in the Tacoma; and alloy wheels, which are only available as an optional upgrade for the Tacoma.

Other standard features the Ridgeline offers that the Tacoma doesn’t include:

  • Anti-theft stereo
  • Rear window defroster
  • Rear locking differential
  • Seat-height adjustability for the front seats
  • Seatback and armrest storage
  • Driver’s side vanity mirror
  • Floor mats

Experience the Outstanding Ridgeline for Yourself

Drivers can explore the 2017 Honda Ridgeline’s many impressive features in person at any Capital Region Honda Dealers location.

Stop by any of our associated dealerships or contact us today to experience the exceptional Ridgeline’s offerings for yourself. A friendly, knowledgeable member of our team will be glad to walk you through the Ridgeline’s various options and amenities and then get you behind the wheel and out on the road for an unforgettable test drive!