2017 Honda Ridgeline AWDA truck model that is quite possibly the coolest, most feature-loaded pickup truck ever to hit the road comes to life in the 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

So, just what makes this truck so special? For one thing, the Ridgeline delivers a variety of amenities that are the very first in the world ever to exist in a truck. Now that’s something to brag about!

Honda has made its mark time and again with exceptionally reliable and award-winning cars and SUVs. Now, the truck market is feeling the heat as the stellar Ridgeline rolls forward into the 2017 model year. Keep reading to find out the top five features that make the Ridgeline the absolute cream of the crop among truck models.

Boast-worthy Amenities

The Honda Ridgeline is loaded with features that will make drivers’ jaws drop at every turn—but here are five amenities we consider to be the very most impressive onboard the Ridgeline. Take a look!

  • The industry’s very first in-bed trunk, which comes standard on each Ridgeline model, serves up 7.3 cubic feet of in-bed trunk space and offers features that include built-in grocery bag hooks, accessory cargo dividers, and even a built-in drain plug so the trunk can double as an ice chest.
  • The very first dual-action tailgate on earth, which also comes standard in each Ridgeline model, utilizes a specially designed hinge system that allows drivers to not only fold down the tailgate but also swing it out horizontally like a door.
  • The world’s first truck-bed audio system, which comes standard in the Ridgeline RTL-E and Black Edition models, features six exciters integrated into the truck-bed wall that deliver up to 540 watts of crystal-clear sound. This innovative system can even be controlled from your smartphone or other device via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • An acoustic windshield, which is standard in the RTL trim and above, employs specially laminated glass that helps keep outside noise where it belongs (outside) so drivers and passengers can enjoy conversation, music—or just blissful silence.
  • Cutting-edge connectivity enabled onboard the Ridgeline is made possible thanks to features like HondaLink, Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, an SMS text message function (all four offered standard in the RTL-T, RTL-E, and Black Edition models), and Bluetooth connectivity (standard in all of the Ridgeline models). Access your smartphone or other device right inside the vehicle and stay well-connected and entertained.

Talk Is Cheap—Come Take a Look!

If you’re ready to experience the exceptional 2017 Honda Ridgeline for yourself, we certainly don’t blame you! Take an up-close look at this stellar truck model at any Capital Region Honda Dealers location, and then hit the road for an unforgettable test drive!