2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Charging

Keeping your all-electric vehicle fully charged may seem like a simple task, at least in theory. However, some significant obstacles that stand in the way of gas-free commutes and communities. Unless you’ve done your research, you may not be aware that too most drivers tend to charge their electric vehicles at the same times each day—and when everybody’s charging at the same time, electricity prices and carbon usage can both increase dramatically. To solve this persistent problem, the engineers at Honda are introducing an all-new SmartCharge Program, which reduces power consumption without impacting your daily routine. When you link the HondaLink EV app with a compatible electric vehicle, your vehicle will be able to charge itself whenever prices are low, shutting down whenever the latter jump back up. This way, everyone will be able to get the power they need in a time span that works for them, without placing a burden on the power grid.

SmartCharge with the Fit EV

Honda’s SmartCharge program has the potential to make every day of your life just a little bit easier—and better for the planet, too. It will initially roll out to drivers of the Honda Fit EV, which was available from 2012 to 2014. However, with Honda’s sight aimed toward an electrified future, we all hope to see this program expand to future model releases.

Honda FIt EV
Honda Fit EV Charging

Explore Honda’s EV Lineup!

Honda’s SmartCharge Program is bound to make an impact on the electrified vehicle industry. However, if you don’t already have a Fit EV in your driveway, Honda does have an extensive lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles. Stop into any easy-to-reach Capital Region Honda Dealer to take a closer look at a Honda Electric car that you’ll love.