Honda OdysseyThere’s a lot to love about the 2016 Honda Odyssey, but we’ve found that while many Albany drivers know about unique features like the HondaVac vacuum, they don’t always know about some cool Odyssey convenience features. Well, we’re here to help. We’ve got three of the coolest Odyssey features that you probably didn’t know were on Honda’s minivan.

One-Touch Turn Indicators

When you’ve got a full minivan, it’s easy to get distracted and accidentally leave the turn signal on for a few miles of a road trip just because you changed lanes. Honda’s one-touch turn indicators make it easy to signal a lane change: Just tap the lever up or down and the turn signal will blink three times to show other drivers you’re looking to change lanes. Move it all the way into place for that familiar continuous blinking when you actually need to turn off the road.

Cool Box Beverage Container

While there are quite a few great features on the Odyssey, the cool box available in the center console is one of our favorites.

  • There’s no need for ice or a cooler on family road trips.
  • Store up to four 20-oz. bottles or six 12-oz. cans and keep them cold.
  • Press the “cool box” button to turn the system on or off.

The cool box is a feature that we’ve yet to see on a competitor like the 2016 Nissan Quest or the Toyota Sienna, but it’s a feature our drivers simply love.

Smart Entry

One of our favorite 2016 Honda Odyssey features is the smart key. While you can lock and unlock the doors with a push of the button on the smart key, the Smart Entry feature on an Odyssey gives it the ability to detect when your key fob is near. Just walk up, open the doors, buckle up, and push the start button—you never need to reach for your keys.

The smart key fob also lets you open the sliding rear doors and the tailgate with a push of a button. Press another button to open up all the windows and air out the minivan on a hot summer day. And the panic button triggers the car alarm, whether there’s an emergency or you just aren’t sure where you parked.

Test Drive an Odyssey

These three features are just a few of the amenities that set the 2016 Honda Odyssey apart from its competitors. Let us show you what else it has to offer with a test drive. Visit a Capital Region Honda Dealer near you to get behind the wheel today and see for yourself what the top 2016 minivan reviews are saying.


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