2018 Honda Accord Econ Button

Most of the Capital Region’s drivers already know that Honda’s vehicles are some of the most efficient options on the road today. Nevertheless, those hoping to maximize their vehicle’s fuel economy may still have a lot to learn. Almost all of the vehicles in Honda’s lineup can be made more efficient by using the Honda Econ Button. Even traditional gasoline-powered models offer an Econ mode, and new Hybird options like the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid—detailed here by the experts at Car and Driver—are taking Honda’s impressive capabilities to new heights!

Understanding Econ Mode

Econ mode maximizes your chosen Honda’s efficiency by changing the way that key drivetrain components operate.

  • Air Conditioning: Econ mode saves fuel by limiting the activity of your air conditioner. The latter will blow more slowly than usual, and it will also shut off more frequently. You’ll save fuel wherever you go, but you won’t be able to cool your cabin as quickly in a pinch.
  • Transmission and Shift Points: Activating Econ mode will alter the Shift Points for your Honda vehicle, prioritizing fuel economy over rapid response and performance. Moreover, while you’re traveling in cruise control, your car will avoid shifting down gear whenever possible. You’ll move more slowly up hills, but you’ll save plenty of fuel.
  • Throttle Response: Under normal driving conditions, most vehicles will tend to consume a lot of fuel when they accelerate. Econ mode alters your vehicle’s midrange throttle response. When using this setting you won’t accelerate as quickly, but every gallon of gas will take you a lot further.
2018 Honda Accord Driving Through City
2018 Honda Accord Climate Control

Take Your Favorite Honda for a Test Drive!

Now that you’ve got a sense of what Honda’s Econ mode can do for you, we’re sure that you’re eager to put it into practice! Explore our current offers and pay a visit to your local Capital Region Honda dealer. Come take your favorite Honda for a test drive!